About Us

There are different languages spoken around the world: English, Arabic, French, Spanish and many others. 

But have you ever heard of the language of flowers?

Floriography is language of Flowers. The history of this language goes back to the 17th century in Turkey and then became popular during the Victorian Era (1837-1901). By using the meanings of flowers to communicate, in which various flowers were arranged and used to send coded messages. This allowed individuals to express their feelings which otherwise could not have been spoken. Now in 2012, we have decided to speak it again and we hope that you will speak it with us. 

From a young age the co-founders of Floriography, Shoug and Aisha, have known flowers to have been an important and integrated part of their lives. Growing and cultivating there gardens was always a favorite winter past time. From being born into a family who's appreciation for greenery was a must. The girls grew up to have flowers, plants and trees be a necessity in life. Upon wanting to start their own entrepreneur business and having the resources, tools, knowledge and supplies readily available the opportunity put itself together.  

Floriography Boy and Girl

The opportunity to help someone express a feeling: admiration,adoration, dedication, condolences, gratitude, greetings, love, praise. It can be hard to express what’s in your heart. But a special bouquet can do the job amazingly well. They decided to use this language to speak again.

Floriography specializes in unique bouquets, where each bouquet is handcrafted with a specific meaning behind it. Each flower that is used in our one of  kind bouquets has a specific meaning behind it and when you choose the color the meaning changes.This is how We Speak Flowers!

We offer you professional service. Enjoy the convenience of ordering from our online virtual flowers catalog 24 hours a day. We are committed to quality and service. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is our personal commitment to create a long term relationship with our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority because Floriography cares.

We believe that gift-giving should be about creating smiles! By choosing the freshest, highest quality flowers and professional and caring florists to serve all your floral needs.Your gift will arrive beautifully presented and personalized with your message.